Pulse Research and ANC Form Alliance to Deliver Revenue

Pulse Research, Inc., a leader in audience value presentations using shopping research for newspapers, and revenue development company, Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC), have formed an alliance to deliver Pulse Research and Pulse Sales Tools to ANC newspaper partners.

As a part of the agreement, ANC media analysts will use Pulse Sales Tools when they work with newspaper and media partners to develop revenue. This will provide ANC and their partners’ current shopping intelligence and the best ways to engage and help customers with the goal of closing more print and digital annual contracts.

Sammy Papert of Wormhole, Inc. has represented Pulse for 16 years and was instrumental in finalizing the agreement.  He will serve as point person with ANC and their newspaper partners.

“We are thrilled with the ANC/Pulse alliance!  Pulse Sales Tools and the underpinning data allows sellers to prospect and engage customers more effectively,” said Mr. Papert. “Once ANC clients see how the platform profoundly differentiates their offering and helps drive local business revenue we hope newspaper publishers and advertising directors see the results and therefore continue the service after ANC successfully completes their sales campaign.”

John Marling, president of Pulse Research, says the company felt there was no option other than launching current shopping surveys to support the industry he’s been a partner to for 35 years.

“Pulse has now launched a second wave of the survey to determine the impact of Covid-19 on local shopping,” said Mr. Marling.  “How we shop has changed and this is having a major impact on local businesses and the economy. Making this information and Pulse Sales Tools available to ANC is yet another way to support the industry and we’re confident our alliance will drive significant revenue for newspaper partners.  We can offer clarity in a time of uncertainty!”

ANC works with hundreds of newspaper partners in the development of revenue in all areas of advertising including digital sales.

“Our newspaper partners need the revenue and we are here to help”, said Al Getler, VP of sales and business development for ANC. “Having Pulse in our quiver gives us another arrow to hit revenue targets.”

ANC will have immediate access to the Pulse Sales Tools and supporting data for their work with publishers in developing print, digital, and combined packages within the newspaper marketplace, according to Papert. 

“Pulse Research will now reach our newspaper partners directly during times when we sell in their markets. It is a unique trial opportunity that is a win-win-win,” said Getler.

About the alliance members

Pulse was founded in 1985 by John Marling and has taken the industry lead with its cutting-edge sales programs, all of which are based on market research. They provide tools to help their clients thrive in a rapidly changing business and social environment. See www.pulseresearch.com

Sammy Papert and Wormhole, Inc. combine the experience of leading one of the largest newspaper industry sales organizations with 10 years at the helm of a premier research company. See http://www.wormholellc.com/

ANC was founded by Timothy O. Dellinger in 1996 and has served the newspaper industry for 24 years in revenue development.  Originally focused on newspaper’s weekly TV listing inserts, ANC began diversifying their portfolio of services in 2007 and is now a full-service revenue development company, partnering with newspapers and media groups across the United States and in Canada.  See www.ANCRevenue.com.


Pulse Research, Inc. – John Marling – 503-784-5772

Wormhole, Inc. – Sammy Papert – 214-505-6420

ANC – Al Getler – 781-799-4769