Lean resources and staff turnover may get in the way of attaining revenue objectives.

You still need to close business.

Doing a sales blitz in your market just causes lasting ill-effects with your clients. There is only room for focused revenue solutions that deliver results.

Media and newspaper companies in the United States and Canada have used our focused revenue solutions that provide results without scorching the market.


We understand how difficult it is to meet your objectives
which is why we provide focused revenue solutions
for you to overcome your challenges.


We work with you and your team to develop a publication or portfolio of digital products.


We close annual, contracted business with your team as they learn selling techniques.


You see results with a segment of your goals attain and can move on to other projects.


Here is how it works


We work with your leadership team to develop a revenue generating product that connects with your advertisers and your audience.


We set a financial target and prepare your team to connect with advertisers that need your audience.

Focused Execution

We provide focus to your team without overwhelming them. Your team will close business and learn along the way.


Focus. Revenue. Solutions.

At Advantage Newspaper Consultants, we know that you want to attain your revenue goals. In order to do that, you need your team to close annual contracted business. The problem is lean resources and staff turnover, which makes you feel overwhelmed and defeated. We believe contracted revenue can be obtained…

What our customers are saying...

“Southern Newspaper remains impressed with the professionalism and results from the ANC team. No matter what the conditions, they come in, fire up the team, and leave us better than when they arrived. Count us in as happy long-term customers.”

Leonard Woolsey
Galveston Daily News (Galveston, TX)

“This group understood our needs, worked closely with our leadership and helped us develop a product that would benefit both our newspaper and our market. ANC guided us every step of the way during our first successful campaign and now after our second campaign I am pleased to report that together we surpassed expectations that were a large amount over last year’s successful campaign.”

Tim Smolarick
The Highlands News Sun (Sebring, FL)

“Top notch professional company from beginning to end. Very clear directions of upcoming deadlines and materials needed for start of sales kickoff. Constant communication throughout the sales effort. The Daily Item always loves having Sam Swanson join our sales team with their efforts. Sam helped to push us to the end and exceed our goal. He supported us through it all. He makes it a fun week of selling.”

Lori Seebold
The Daily Item (Sunbury, PA)
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