TV/Entertainment Magazines

A targeted magazine sales campaign using seasoned sales professionals to find the hidden revenue in your market in two weeks or less.

Advantage Newspaper Consultants offers a complete TV/Entertainment Magazine ad sales program turning your weekly entertainment guide into a significant revenue center in 10 business days or less. Our program helps hundreds of newspapers nationwide sell millions of dollars in advertising. Whether your circulation is under 10,000 or over 100,000, we can help your newspaper add significant additional revenue to your bottom-line all year-long.

ANC Will Partner With Your Newspaper To:

  • Set a total sales goal (in advertising inches or revenue) for your weekly entertainment magazine
  • Provide magazine prototype redesign work at no cost to you
  • Sell every-week or every-other-week annual contracts
  • Accompany your newspaper reps on every sales call
  • Pay cash sales bonuses to your reps at, or better than, the industry standard for their
  • participation in the campaign

What We Offer:

  • Complete advertising sales program
  • Sales tools and techniques designed to maximize untapped revenue in your market
  • Motivational sales tactics to maintain a high level of enthusiasm among your ad staff
  • Experienced, professional, on-site sales support for your advertising department
  • Positive reinforcement and technical support throughout the year
  • Cover all of our own travel and administrative expenses while in your market

Our Sales Campaign Will:

  • Focus solely on the TV/Entertainment Magazine without disrupting ongoing newspaper ROP ad sales
  • Create positive reinforcement and a sense of urgency among your staff
  • Offer guaranteed positioning to advertisers throughout the section
  • Implement quick daily meetings and call reports to keep the staff motivated and management informed
  • Utilize rates that are set by newspaper management and are adhered to throughout the sales effort
  • Sell against competing media, including television, radio and yellow page advertising

Free Market Research & Analysis

Advantage Newspaper Consultants offers Research & Design analysis services at no charge to your newspaper. Simply send us a copy of your current TV/Entertainment Magazine in PDF format and we will send you a complete R&D report within 3 business days of submission of the files. Contact us for more information and file submission address.

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