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Offer advertisers a continual presence in your core newspaper and internet brand all year long. No seminars!

Total Market Reach is a concentrated revenue generation initiative specifically designed for local, community newspapers.

This approach to advertiser acquisition enables newspapers to attract new advertisers as well as those advertisers who have left the newspaper in the past. Unlike other revenue generation programs, Total Market Reach enables the newspaper to maintain day-to-day operations and maintain regular sales during the time frame of the initiative.

Total Market Reach offers advertisers the ability to reach their entire market with one buy. The mix of all of the core products offers the solution to fractured media and showcases the dominance of newspaper media. This program attracts advertisers with frequency packages which gives the newspaper an opportunity to grow these advertisers into high end accounts within the core products.

Total Market Reach Components

  • Advertising packages for 12 months are offered.
  • Packages range in discounts, with the greater discounts for larger packages and multiple product mix.
  • Combines image and call-to-action advertising.
  • Typically, there are three packages offered at varying levels of size and product mix.
  • Creative is included on all packages (following newspapers own templates).
  • Ad Packages include ROP, Digital and TMC Products unless otherwise noted by client and newspaper.
  • Color options should be available.

Benefits for Newspaper

  • New advertisers bring new revenue.
  • Past advertisers are revitalized.
  • ROP control will develop even spread and demand for newspaper.
  • Minimal disruption to sales staff daily schedules during sales campaign preventing loss of revenue.
  • Revenue is guaranteed for newspaper.
  • Sales staff receives modeled sales techniques for improved forward sales.
  • Newspaper builds new base of advertising dollars for future growth.
  • New client pool created for other sales initiatives throughout the year.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Packages are designed for advertiser flexibility.
  • Advertisers have the option to adjust the content of their messages based on their needs.
  • All creative elements are included with packages.
  • Advertisers reach entire market area and potential new customers through the combined reach of the News Medias’ core products mix.
  • Advertisers have a confidence in the market reach of the product mix through supported audited sources.

How Total Market Reach Works

  • We work with newspaper management to develop packages and pricing according to the newspapers product mix and goals.
  • Newspaper will determine customers qualified for this program based on a maximum annual spend.
  • ANC management will come to newspaper prior to the sales campaign to review the program with sales staff. There will also be a period of time set aside for an appointment-setting for the sales campaign.
  • ANC will spend 5-10 days in the newspaper’s market going on four-legged calls with the sales staff and presenting the packages to qualified customers.
  • Appointments must be set with decision makers and a minimum of 50 appointments set per week.
  • Advertisers are typically started within two weeks of sales campaign and are billed according to newspapers’ system.
  • Revenue generated is agreed upon and closed within and up to 14 days following sales campaign.


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