Tampa Tribune Generates Over $400,000 in Advertising Revenue in Sunday TV Magazine Using ANC Program

FAYETTEVILLE NC, July 27, 2012 – Advantage Newspaper Consultants, Inc. (ANC), a newspaper industry leader in advertising sales consulting, announced the enormous success of the recent TV magazine sales campaign at The Tampa Tribune.  During this campaign, the first time ANC has worked with the large, metro market in Tampa, Florida; advertising revenue of more than $401,000 exceeded the annual goal of $300,000 by 34%.

“This was really a HUGE win for us! ANC was not only professional and well prepared but they brought game-changing intel to this process.  In this current economic climate, we are searching for both traditional and non-traditional sources of revenue and this partnership really paid dividends for us!” said LeRoy Emerson, Vice President of Advertising Sales at The Tampa Tribune.

Prior to the sales campaign with ANC, the Tribune’s weekly TV magazine, TribTV, generated no advertising revenue for the newspaper and was composed primarily of listings grids with little editorial content.  With 25,000 opt-in readers and 70,000 single copy sales for the Sunday edition; the newspaper management wanted to overhaul the content to make the publication more entertaining and useful for readers and give local advertisers a way to reach this specific demographic of readers.  The editorial and advertising staffs at the Tribune and the production team at ANC worked together on redesigning the TV magazine to fulfill both of these requirements – providing optimal entertainment value and an array of advertising positions in the 24 page publication.  The revamped TribTV publication launched on July 22nd and has been well received by the Tribune’s readers.

“The management team at The Tampa Tribune offered their full support to this program, which was the key to its success”, says John Jones, ANC Vice President.  “Being consultants that work with newspapers all over the country on similar programs, the team at the Tribune recognized that we knew what it would take to make this campaign effective.  Their willingness to accept this guidance and work with us each step of the way was the secret to success. ”

In addition to the highly successful advertising sales campaign, The Tampa Tribune also opted to use ANC’s digital publication service, iFolds, to offer their new TribTV publication in an electronic format as part of the “TBO Extra” entertainment section of the Tampa Bay Online website.  Readers that visit the online edition can also sign up for email notifications and receive an email each week when TribTV is available online.

About Advantage Newspaper Consultants
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