GateHouse Media’s partnership with ANC Proves Successful with Revenue Gains of Nearly $2M

July 2012 – Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC) is recognized as the leader in TV Magazine advertising sales in the United States. ANC works with both independent publishers and major newspaper chains to increase their core product ad revenue using innovative campaigns and creative, seasoned sales professionals that produce quantifiable results. Our sales managers work with newspaper management to set goals and create an incentive plan which accelerates a TV Magazine sales campaign  targeted towards finding key hidden revenue in their market in two weeks or less.

ANC has an established record of reaching and exceeding advertising revenue goals with nearly every newspaper using our unique market and reader demographic knowledge.  We pride ourselves on providing our newspaper clients with sustainable, year-round ad revenue and helping them build stronger relationships with their advertisers.

ANC have sold nearly $2,000,000 in revenue working with GateHouse papers in the past 12 months Peoria, Canton, and Holland all sold over $200,000 each, and Springfield was well over $100,000.

Ken Henry, Sales Manager for Messenger Post Media, shares his TV Weekly success story:  “On June 28th with the help of TV Advantage, we launched a new TV Weekly product in Greece, NY, which is our largest territory in Monroe County. We had a few things going against us during our TV Weekly blitz weeks, one being the Memorial Day holiday fell right in the middle of our two-week sales blitz, and the other was the fact that we didn’t have full Sales Executive participation because of the proximity of the territories. With that being said with the help of Debra Petticrew (the best) from TV Advantage, we were still able to achieve and surpass our goal of $95,000; selling over $100k in revenue. We had two Sales Executives take ownership of this initiative and the two of them sold 80% of the revenue in the section. Sharon Greco-O’Connor sold over $50k in revenue and Joe Hess sold over $35k. What was special about Joe Hess’s performance was the fact that he sells in a secondary territory, but he took on the challenge and was our second best revenue producer in the section. Since our first publish date of 6/28/2012, we have received many positive emails from readers thanking us for adding a great TV Weekly product to our Greece Post newspaper. We actually had a few tell us they planned to drop the daily paper in our market since we’ve added the TV Weekly.”